Get Finished: Volume 1

You've been placed in a race called life with a purpose. The purpose in this race is that you run to completion. The prize is laid up for the finisher. This book was written to encourage, enlighten and empower you to run in order to obtain that prize.

$20 (Price includes shipping)

Get Finished: Volume 2

Don‘t get stuck in the race! If you are going to finish you must endure the process! What happens when the journey gets you FED UP? What happens when you get Frustrated, Exhausted and Distracted? You‘ve got to BREATHE right if you are gonna run right! Get Finished Volume 1 got your feet on the pavement. Get Finished Volume 2 will keep you steady in the process! 

$20 (Price includes shipping)

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Get Your copy of Prophetess Deona Benson's latest book! This empowering devotional and daily confessions is sure to teach you how to fight the GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH! We believe therefore we speak! Pre Order your copy TODAY!

Official Release Date Coming Soon!!!

$20 (Price includes shipping)

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